Messi’s great moment…

Posted March 23, 2010 by purefootballblog
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It is not surprising for all of us to see a great Messi dribbling players as they appear in front of him (maybe not surprising, just amazing and delightful jaja), he has been doing that since he was a little kid (youtube videos jaja), when he made his first appearance with the first ‘blaugrana’ team and in the following years, so what is the difference now?

Eto'o, Ronaldinho and Messi

Well let’s just say that a few years ago he had less pressure than now, because the pressure was all over Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Deco, amongst others, so he just made his game. Now he’s the number 10 of the team (and for me that still means something pretty big) and even if we all know that the Barça style and philosophy is far beyond only individualities (demonstrated with the 6 titles in 2009/2010), in the last few games he had demonstrate that he can be the leader of a team, because the two main engines of the team Xavi and Iniesta had been having problems with injuries.

Some of you will think that the last few games wasn’t so transcendental, but those games should be the foundations for when the really tough times come. Specially when he’s surrounded of all kinds of criticism from his country (this topic is for a whole new post jajaja).

Now some people say that he’s now even greater than Maradona…well I don’t think so, I think he has all the necessary resources to be better than him, but not yet, because we can consider Messi as a “lucky” player (we know that he had a very hard time trying to play football professionally…) to made his debut in a club like the FC Barcelona, a club that surrounded him of all the material to make him a great team player and also to stand out his innate gift, as a difference with Maradona that we can say that he transforms a team into a great team (Napoli) in the 80’s.

But as I said, I think Messi has all the potential to be a legend…I just hope that he keeps giving us those amazing performances for a long long time…like the second goal against Zaragoza this last weekend.


Hello World!

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Well this is my first post, so I will tell you the purpose of this blog…

To all the people that football or soccer or fútbol or Fußball or whatever you wanna call it; is their passion, then you will understand how hard is to get/give an objective opinion about a football game, because passion means that there is an favorite team (including me) or just as simple as watching play your national team. So the main purpose of this blog is to try to give an objective opinion about the most trascendental football matches, players and moments as best as possible.

Why? because I think passion should not blind us of enjoy a great football match even if it is a victory of the worst enemy of our team (of course that will always hurt jaja).

Well, also I will include some random topics about football. So enjoy…

Hello world!

Posted March 22, 2010 by purefootballblog
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